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Terms and Conditions


A. COMMITMENT: It is our commitment to provide the best flower preservation to our CLIENT.  Placement of order/deposit

     means that you are giving your consent to PURPLEKNOT to provide its services using their best assessment and discretion

     according to your frame selection and verbal or written direction.  Flower Preservation is an art in itself. Unless specific

     instructions were provided by the CLIENT in the ORDER FORM, you are giving PURPLEKNOT the freedom to make decisions

     in terms of design on your behalf.  PURPLEKNOT reserves the right to decide what it deems appropriate for the flowers on

     hand and frame selected.  Once preservation is done completely and sealed in the frame, any changes or alterations

     requested by the CLIENT may have a direct impact on the quality of the flowers and may be charged accordingly for labor,

     materials and delivery.  PURPLEKNOT provides the CLIENT 7 DAYS POST DELIVERY to raise any concern and the above ruling

     would apply should there be changes desired by the CLIENT. Beyond the allotted grace period, PURPLEKNOT Flower

     Preservation will not be liable anymore for any concerns or issues that the CLIENT may have to the services provided.

B. RATES: Prices are determined at the time of order and, prior to payment of the deposit, are subject to change without notice. 

    Payments are to be made to PURPLEKNOT without any deduction or discount other than as stated in these Terms or in the

    relevant invoice or statement. Full payment of the services will be based on the package selected by the Client.

  • A deposit of Php 5,000.00 must be paid upon pick-up of the flowers. Pick-up of flowers is stated according to the package selected by the Client.  Location points are identified and additional charges will be incurred if the Client prefers pickup other than those identified by PURPLEKNOT.

  • Services are limited within Metro Manila only. For provincial clients, kindly contact us and we will try to accommodate your order to the best of our ability.

  • Where services are rendered taking into primary consideration the condition of the flowers upon pick-up. PURPLEKNOT has the authority to decline offering of services if the flowers are not in good condition anymore.  Once PURPLEKNOT has decided to render the service, any preferred arrangement of the flower is consulted with the customer accordingly.  Wedding Invitation and a picture may be included in the arrangement of the frame.  Other memorabilia may be included and if PURPLEKNOT sees that it would not fit the standard size of the package chosen, additional charges will be applied accordingly.

  • The balance payment of the agreed price must be paid in full before delivery of the preserved flowers.  Delivery points are identified and if the Client prefers other locations other than those stipulated by PURPLEKNOT, additional charges will be incurred.

  • Deposit/Reservation fee are non-refundable.


C. PRESERVATION LIMITATIONS: The age and condition of the flowers upon pick-up will have a direct impact to the quality of

     the flowers post preservation.  PURPLEKNOT cannot be held liable for any damages to the flowers prior to the arrival to our

     store. Color change is to be expected as this is a natural reaction to the chemicals infused.  Generally, white flowers turns

     cream, red becomes maroon/burgundy, light colored petals turns a shade darker. Blue, lavender and yellow flowers usually

     retain its hue. PURPLEKNOT may apply color enhancements post treatment.  However, PURPLEKNOT cannot guarantee that

     the shades of the original bouquet will match that of the preserved one even after the color-enhancement. Furthermore, your

     flowers may take on an antique appearance, especially white flowers, over the years.


D. DELIVERY: The CLIENT must, within 21 days of being notified of their availability, collect or accept delivery of the Finished

     Product and pay the balance of the invoice price. Delivery locations are identified in the website.  If the CLIENT prefers

     delivery outside those stipulated, additional charges will be applied.  If the CLIENT fails to collect the Finished Product or

     accept delivery within 21 DAYS of being notified of their availability, the Finished Product becomes the property of Purpleknot

     Flower Preservation and will be given the right to use it to whatever purpose it desires. The Preserved Flowers are entirely at

     the risk of the CLIENT from the moment of delivery to the CLIENT’s point of delivery or on collection. Any negligence or

     mishandling of the Preserved flowers after the delivery and payment is entirely the CLIENT’s responsibility. Proper guidelines in

     handling of the Preserved flowers will be communicated to the CLIENT upon delivery.


E. PURPLEKNOT will ensure customer satisfaction and will take all reasonable steps to adhere to its commitment.  The long term

    condition of the flowers depends on many factors beyond our control.  PURPLEKNOT is not responsible for and cannot repair

    flowers that may have been infected by insects or molds.  No refund or returns shall be acknowledged for any reason.

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